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LG Launched Titan Series Air Conditioners to Meet Demands of Middle East Consumers

LG Electronics (LG) launched its Titan series air conditioners in the Middle East. The Titan air conditioner is capable of delivering powerful cooling while withstanding the region’s often punishing weather conditions and temperatures.

The powerful cooling capabilities of the Titan series are accompanied by expansive and thorough air distribution. The Titan series is capable of projecting cool air at distances of up to 10 meters, the longest air distribution range in the industry. Meanwhile, the Jet Cool function and the 4-way Swing system distribute air in all directions at maximum speed. As a result, the Titan series can achieve optimal temperatures in the shortest possible time, regardless of the outside temperature.

The Titan series is built to last, an essential requirement in a region with a punishingly hot climate. The Tropical Compressor is designed to operate 24 hours a day and persevere through sandstorms and temperatures as high as 58°C. This is partially enabled by the Gold Fin, an anti-corrosion coating, which makes the heat exchanger more resistant to corrosion.

Unique healthcare features have been added to the Titan series, in order to provide customers with the most comfortable and relaxing home environment. The air projected from the Titan series is purified, thanks to the Auto Cleaning function, which also sterilizes the air conditioner’s interior to prevent the formation of molds and bacteria. Health risks are significantly reduced by the Allergy & Virus Safe filter, which eliminates allergen, apatite and binder, as well as 99.9 percent of H1N1 viruses over the course of 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Triple filter reduces allergy symptoms and removes unpleasant odors, and the Plasmaster filter reduces microscopic contaminants and dust, as well as house mites, micro dust and pet fur.

“With our advanced air conditioners, we have been successful in helping create optimal living conditions for our customers throughout the Middle East,” said Mr. D. Y. Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf FZE. “We will give back to our loyal customers in the region by redoubling our efforts to design products that can revitalize their lives, even in the midst of the region’s harsh weather conditions.”
Video Home & Jumbo Electronics is the sole distributor in Qatar for LG Air Conditioners.